What are we talking about when we say rental? Well, it’s a way we can save our customers 50% off or more on textbooks! First, find what you want to rent, rent the item, use it all semester and bring it back after finals! (to our 14th and High location) It’s a simple way to SAVE money on your books!

If you decide to buy your books instead, we buy back books year round so you can sell them back for cash!


Finding Your Books:
Looking for rentals is quick and easy, you can do it online or in the store. Online rentals can be found right along with the rest of the course material. If your books are rentable, choose the rent option when selecting the books! Rentals have to be picked up in the store only and cannot be shipped. You can pick up the books at our 14th and High St location, where our knowledgeable staff will assist you.


Picking Up Rentals:
When you come in to pick up your rentals, we require to see a vaild drivers license, or Buck ID, and a credit card that is valid through out the entire semester. This card will remain on file for the semester, and will only be charged any late fees or replacement prices if the book isn’t returned. If you do not return the rental by the due date, you will be charged a late fee as well as a replacement price as specified in your cart.


Using Rental Books:
Rental books can be used like any other textbooks, new or used. They can be returned during the textbook refund dates for a full refund. New books must remain in new packaging and receipt is required for all returns. If you keep the book throughout the semester, you may highlight or lightly mark in books, just like you would any other textbook. You cannot lose pages or damage any part of the book to make the book unsellable.


Bringing Back Rentals:
You can bring your textbook back at any point up to the rental due date. It can be returned to us early and we will remove the book from your account. (Refunds are only allowed during specified dates, they will be noted on your receipt)